EZERISA ComplySmart Services

The EZERISA ComplySmart Suite of services is the industry-leading Smart choice for ERISA compliance management; offering tech-forward group benefits compliance solutions supporting the Insurance Industry’s InsurTech modernization initiatives.  EZERISA provides a Smarter, more efficient, way for your Group Benefits Practices to adapt, modernize processes, differentiate and thrive.  The technology driven tools under EZERISA’s ComplySmart Services portal are paired with our exclusive EZERISA AdviceSmart Compliance Intelligence Technology.  AdviceSmart Compliance Guidance ensures better protected clients because we've transferred our legal experience, policy knowledge and guidance in ERISA, HIPAA, ACA and other related disciplines into our services portal and each of our Smart product subscriptions.


Document Subscriptions


EZERISA WrapSmart Solution

Compliance Deliverable:


  • WrapSmart Portal Technology
  • EZERISA AdviceSmart Compliance Intelligence Technology


Policy Deliverable:


  • HIPAASmart Portal Technology
  • EZERISA AdviceSmart Compliance Intelligence Technology 
  • EZERISA BreachSmart Assessment and Notification

EZERISA DocSmart Solution

Documentation Deliverable:


  • DocSmart Portal Technology
  • EZERISA AdviceSmart Compliance Intelligence Technology

EZERISA ComplySmart Complete (All-in-one)

Compliance, Policy and Documentation Deliverable:

EZERISA AdviceSmart Service and Support


EZERISA is a technology-forward company, and even though we have “smart” guidance built into every product we deliver, we understand that not every client need can be addressed with technology alone. That’s why our entire Team is committed to delivering Client Service, Support and Guidance with Respect, Courtesy and Efficiency at its core. You can reliably expect our Support and Services Team Members to openly communicate with you as we work to deliver exceptional customer outcomes and provide our Broker Partners with the right legal guidance, right away. Find out more about our AdviceSmart Service and Support.


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