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  • ERISA Wrap Document, Plan Document, and Summary Plan Description to comply with SPD requirements.
  • Full HIPAA Rules and Policy for your HIPAA Compliance Module, Protected Health Information and Group Health Plan. Business Associate Agreement, Employee Authorization, Notice of Privacy Practices and Distribution Instructions, EZERISA's BreachSmart (Custom Breach Assessment and Notice Preparation Services), and Training!
  • When a sponsor separates the Pharmacy Benefit Plan from the medical portion of the group health plan, the DocSmart-Rx is your complete solution for the required Plan Document and Summary Plan Description including details and Schedules of Benefits offered.
  • Prepare your HRA (Health Reimbursement Account) Plan Document and Summary Plan Description.
  • Create your required Cafeteria Plan Document in easy to follow steps, including Pre-Tax Premium, Dependent Care Account, Flexible Spending Account, DCAP and HSA, with EZ ERISA Plan, consistent with Section 125. An Election Form Template is provided for your convenience!
  • A robust Compliance Checklist - evaluate and receive your Searchable Report Results with Action Items.
  • We offer Custom Plans on an individually designed basis including Group Health Plans and Cafeteria Plans.
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