Health Reimbursement Account

If you maintain a Health Reimbursement Account, make sure you have it all documented!  An easy to use HRA form with all of the options you need. 

With your EZ ERISA Plan Health Reimbursement Account Document Subscription, you will receive:

  • Health Reimbursement Account Plan and Summary Plan Description Unified Document HRA amounts and any limitations determined by the Employer.
  • Warranty!

FAQs - Health Reimbursement Account

Why do I need a health reimbursement plan document?

If you sponsor a health reimbursement account and you do not have an up-to-date plan document and summary plan description, you are required to have one to maintain such a plan. This plan is a type of employee benefit and as such, ERISA Section 402 requires a plan document and ERISA Section 102 requires a summary plan description. Also, it is important for purposes of making sure your employees have the proper guide regarding the reimbursements and what is covered and what is not.



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