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Hot Topics in Compliance

  • Updated 2020 Health and Welfare Plan Limits

    December 2019

    Updated 2020 Health and Welfare Plan Limits

    EZ ERISA is pleased to announce the updated Health and Welfare Plan Limits for 2020! Additional limits and limits for prior years can be found on the IRS website.

  • The Stolen Laptops - HIPAA Horror Story #27

    September 2019

    The Stolen Laptops - HIPAA Horror Story #27

    Are you ready for your client’s reaction? Two weeks ago, an EZ ERISA Partner called us in a panic. One of their clients had three Human Resource employees in town visiting. They were at the local Denny’s enjoying their morning coffee and breakfast....

  • HIPAA Policies Are Not Optional

    May 2019

    HIPAA Policies Are Not Optional

    You Have Handbook and Policies for Holidays, But No HIPAA Policy to Protect Your Employee’s Health Information? Huh?
    All employers who sponsor group health plans, regardless of whether they are self-funded or fully insured, have substantial obligations...

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