AdviceSmart Service and Support

EZERISA is a technology-forward company, and even though we have “smart” guidance built into every product we deliver, we understand that not every client need can be addressed with technology alone. That’s why our entire Team is committed to delivering Client Service, Support and Guidance with Respect, Courtesy and Efficiency at its core. You can reliably expect our Support and Services Team Members to openly communicate with you as we work to deliver exceptional customer outcomes and provide our Broker Partners with the right legal guidance, right away.

AdviceSmart Technology Support

  • Best-in-class real-time digital guidance and document-creation interviews
  • Dedicated technical support for general web portal use questions. Includes:
    • User Account Creation
    • Basic Compliance Document Creation Advice
    • Ecommerce Support
    • General Technical Support from a live person

AdviceSmart Broker Compliance Checklist

  • Broker Compliance Checklist
    • Robust Assessment of Health and Welfare Compliance
    • Instant Action Items Listing
    • Comprehensive Client Compliance Report with Action Plan

AdviceSmart Legal Support - Basic (for Platinum Partners)

  • Best-in-class real-time digital compliance guidance built into our web portal
  • Available Document Compliance Reviews
  • Available Document Creation Assistance
  • Basic ERISA, ACA, HIPAA and related support for internal teams

Advanced Group Benefits Legal Support (through ERISA Law Firm Affiliate)

  • Supplement or replace existing ERISA Legal Service and supports internal teams
  • 30-year ERISA Lawyer Services on virtually any ERISA/benefit topic
  • High level compliance support and response to compliance questions
  • Support internal teams and compliance in-house capabilities
  • Client conferences and direct problem solving
  • Benefit Claims and Dispute Resolution
  • Specialty Compliance Matters including direct engagements
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